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Parish Council meetings take place in the village hall. The dates will be published along with the Agenda on this site. (Extraordinary meetings may be convened to address urgent issues). Members of the public are invited to attend.

Date of next meeting:-

Wednesday 28th September 2022


MMPC Agenda 15.07.2020

MMPC Agenda 20.05.2020

MMPC A303 Sparkford to Ilchester Dualling Outline Traffic Management Plan

The construction period is estimated to be two and a half years, from March 2020 until August 2022.  In that entire period, at the moment, the scheduled closures are 2 full weekends OR 3 weeks of overnight closures.  All works traffic will be directed to use the A303 and A37 to approach the site and to avoid the A359.

MMPC Agenda 16.03.2020

MMPC Agenda 09.01.2020

MMPC Agenda 18.11.2019

Proposed signing and lining improvements 2019/20

MMPC Agenda 23.09.2019

MMPC Agenda 10.07.2019

MMPC Agenda 08.05.2019

MMPC Agenda 20.03.2019

MMPC Agenda 23.01.2019

MMPC Agenda 28.11.2018

MMPC Agenda 24.09.2018

MMPC Agenda 18.07.2018

MMPC Agenda 21.05.2018

MMPC Agenda 19.03.18

MMPC Agenda 22.01.18

MMPC Agenda 27.11.2017

MMPC Agenda 25.09.2017

MMPC Agenda 17.07.2017

MMPC Agenda 22.05.2017


MMPC – Agenda 27.03.2017



MMPC Agenda-05-09-2016

MMPC AGM Agenda 27.06.2016

MMPC AGM Agenda 13.04.2016

MMPC Agenda 29.02.2016

MMPC Agenda 25.01.2016

MMPC Agenda 23.11.2015


MMPC Minutes 15:07:20

MMPC Minutes 20:05:20

MMPC Minutes 16.03.20

MMPC Minutes 09.01.20

MMPC Minutes 18.11.19

MMPC Minutes 23.09.19

MMPC Draft Minutes 10.07.19

MMPC Minutes Annual and monthly meeting 08.05.19

MMPC Minutes 20.03.19

 MMPC Minutes 23.01.19

MMPC Minutes 28.11.18

MMPC Minutes 24.09.18

MMPC Minutes 18.07.18

MMPC Minutes Annual and monthly meeting 21.05.18

MMPC Minutes 19.03.18

MMPC Minutes 22.01.18

MMPC Minutes 27.11.17

MMPC Minutes 25.09.17

MMPC Minutes 17.07.17

MMPC Minutes 22.05.17

MMPC Minutes 27.03.17



MMPC Mnutes-05-09-16

MMPC Minutes-27-06-16

MMPC Minutes AGM 13.04.2016

MMPC Minutes 29.02.16

MMPC Minutes 25.01.16

MMPC Minutes 26.10.15

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