The following documents are available concerning the Parish Council finances:

MMPC Accounts 2019

MMPC Audit Docs 2019

MMPC Notice of Inspection rights 2019

MMPC Accounts 1718

MMPC Audit documents 1718, including Annual Governance and Accounting statement

MMPC Notice of Public rights and publication of unaudited annual governancy and accountability return 1718

MMPC Notice of conclusion of Audit 1617

MMPC Annual Governance smt,

Accounting smt and Internal Audit 16 17

MMPC External Audit documentation 16 17

MMPC Accounts 16 17

MMPC Asset register 16 17

MMPC Notice of Public inspection rights 16 17

MMPC Notice of commencement of public inspection rights 15 16

MMPC  Asset Register 15 16

MMPC annual smt 15 16

MMPC Items of Expenditure over £100 15-16

MMPC variances 15 16

MMPC Notice of commencement of public inspection rights

MMPC Bank smt 310516

MMPC Bank Reconcilliation

MMPC Audit Accounting Smt

MMPC Annual Governance Statement and Internal audit Rpt

MMPC External Audit Rpt

MMPC External Audit notes