Marston Magna Midsummer Fair

Marston Magna Midsummer Fair – 2019

Plans for this summer’s fair are going really well, to see details of all the attractions please click here

Marston Magna Midsummer Fair – 2018

Allocation of Funds

A number of bids were received for funding from the proceeds of the Midsummer Fair and an allocation committee (comprising people independent of any of the organisations/activities seeking funding) has assessed each of them.
Funds were allocated as follows:

* Playground equipment – £500 towards the cost of renewing or extending playground equipment. Support and maintenance to be further discussed with the Parish Council.
* The “mowing gang” – £500 toward the costs incurred this year in keeping the grass cut in the Moat Field and to cover the continuing costs next year.
* First Aid Course – £300 provided that enough people sign up to make it worthwhile (and make a small contribution to the costs).
* St Mary’s Church – £2,000 towards general running costs.

If you have any ideas for the event that you would like to suggest or if you would like to volunteer to help with the organisation please contact Ann McKee on 01935 850471 or at

The 2017 event contributed to the formation of the Village Action Group, and towards the Community Dinner organised by our Cidermen, as well as support to the local Church and the Village Hall.

Photos from 2018:

Photos from 2017: