Our Institute was formed in November 1925 

The National Federation of WI’s marked 100 years since its inception during 2015 and as a result enjoyed considerable press coverage.  This has encouraged many more women to join the organisation and will safeguard it for many years to come.

Six Marston Magna members undertook to mark the centenary and our own 90th birthday by researching, writing and compiling a book entitled, Marston Magna ‘Our Village’ in the 20th Century.

Marston Magna is a small village and the WI membership also draws on the surrounding villages of Rimpton, Mudford, Queen Camel and Sandford Orcas. The membership currently stands at twenty six and meets on the second Monday of the month in Marston Magna Village Hall. The November to March meetings take place in daylight from 12.30-3pm and for the rest of the year they start at 7.30pm.

At these meetings we hear news of all proposed activities both locally and throughout Somerset.  We also have a speaker or demonstration and encourage you to look under the “Coming Soon” button for details of future meetings. There is plenty of time for socialising especially during  winter months as we commence our meetings then with a delicious soup lunch for which there is a modest charge.

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